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CoffeeSphere                  Single Cup Pour Over Coffee by DGOcafe

4/18/2016                        “Our favorite was the Ethiopian organic coffee. It is 100% Arabica with a fruity fragrant and is smooth to taste”

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Coffee Detective             Update: Our review of the DG Organic Haitian drip coffee packs

2/13/2016                        “It’s not often we get to try Haitian coffee, and we really liked it!”

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 Coffee Detective             Our review of the DG Organic Colombian drip coffee packs

3/14/2015                        “Even on my first try, the coffee was very nice, with a smooth, sweet flavor that fills the mouth very evenly”

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What our customers are saying…                                       

“Thank you for the Haitian sampler included with my order (#1015 ). I found the coffee to be pleasant. I bought DGO for the office, because I can't stand the Keurig.” - Gabriele P.: Ohio

“Thank you for the amazing coffee DGO! I enjoy the richness of the grounds very much -- I love both the Ethiopian and the Columbian products for their unique and high quality flavors. The single serving filters are the perfect delivery mechanism for this premium, well-crafted brand.” – Grace C.: San Francisco

 “The Columbia Coffee has an unmistakable Columbian favour and aroma. I found the process is very convenient; and has no mess!!” – Frank S.: British Columbia, Canada